Our eyes express our emotions and feelings. They are typically the first thing people look at.  But what about when our under eyes appear sunken, darkened and hollowed?  Under eye circles can give the illusion of tired, dull and aged appearances. Our solution? Redensity II. The first hyaluronic acid gel, specifically designed to tackle under eye circles.


After consultation, your practitioner will make a precise diagnosis of the area requiring treatment. An injection of the Redensity II gel will be administered using a small, sterile single use syringe.  The procedure will take approximately 30 minutes.


Redensity II has been proven to improve the appearance of dark circles below the eyes, which is often a result of volume loss with age, stress, lifestyle, thin skin and hereditary factors.  Results are immediate and long lasting, with  results lasting up to 12 months.  You will be left with hydrated, revitalized skin – leaving you looking well rested & rejuvenated.


You may experience some post injection reactions such as minor bruising, redness and/or swelling in the treated area.  These reactions do not always occur and are usually mild, short term and correctable.

With any injection, there is always a risk for infection.   Your practitioner will use sterile techniques to minimize your risk.  Please follow after care instructions as outlined by your practitioner.

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