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For information about our services or to book a consultation, please contact our receptionist by phone or email. Our clinic philosophy is one of education; we strive to provide the highest standard of care to a well informed and prepared patient. With that in mind, it would be helpful for you to know step-by-step what you can expect from Consultation to Recovery. Click on a link below to view the details.

Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out some necessary paperwork: basic information such as your address, medical number, medications you take, and the reason for your visit with the surgeon will be required. We will then take a quick facial photograph for your file. Your invoice for the consultation is then prepared and payment accepted by cash, interact or credit card. You will be invited into one of our consultation rooms where you will meet with the surgeon. Some patients will be asked to change for their clinical examination, and if necessary, a gown or sheet will be provided. Consultation involves a full discussion about your surgical procedure(s), scar placement, risks, benefits, possible complications and final results. Pre- and post-operative photos are often reviewed at this time. Your questions are welcome throughout the consultation.

If appropriate, the surgeon will use our 3D imaging system called the Vectra. The Vectra imaging system has six cameras that take a picture simultaneously, creating a 3D photo of you, that is then used to simulate placement of breast implants, body contour changes and other proposed surgical outcomes.

At the conclusion of your consultation, our administrative staff will provide you with a written estimate outlining all the costs associated with your proposed surgical procedure(s). Please note that some procedures require home nursing care; this will be included on your quotation if necessary and will be arranged by our office accordingly.

Most often surgery can be booked within two to twelve weeks. We do our best to work within your time frame.

Once your surgery date is confirmed, you will be sent a comprehensive booking information package that will include a surgical notice, pre-operative history form, patient questionnaire, surgical invoice, and information sheet specific to your procedure(s). It is very important to read through this information in its entirety in preparation for surgery.

A pre-operative visit with your family doctor will be required for a history and physical exam. Your doctor will complete the history form and fax it to our office. This needs to be done no later than five weeks prior to surgery.

Once received, the history form will be reviewed by our medical staff. In some cases, patients will be asked to have additional testing and/or blood work.

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to surgery, our pre-admission nurse will contact you and give you instructions for surgery and your admission time and details.

You will need a responsible adult to bring you to the clinic and to pick you up after surgery.

On arrival, you will be taken to an admitting room, where you will disrobe and put on a gown, robe, and slippers. You will be given a “personal belongings bag” to store your street clothes in. During this time, you will meet with our admitting nurse. Your driver/support person will be provided with a prescription for pain medication which he or she can have filled while you are in surgery. Specific directions will be given to your driver for pickup and exiting the building which will allow for a confidential departure after surgery.

Our nurse will take your temperature and blood pressure and have you sign a surgical consent form. You will then be given some pre-op medications. You will then meet with the anesthetist and surgeon. Your surgeon will take pre-operative photographs and use a skin marking pen to make any pre-op drawings as required. You will be given time to rest comfortably while your medications take effect.

From there you will enter the operating room where your surgery will take place. When you wake up, you will be in the recovery room with a private nurse taking care of you. When you are awake and being prepared for discharge, your support person will be contacted to come and pick you up. The nurse will give them detailed instructions regarding your post-operative care and will set up your first postoperative appointment. If home nursing care is required, the details of your visits will be outlined at this time.

YOU MUST HAVE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT WITH YOU FOR 24 HOURS, AS YOU ARE LEGALLY IMPAIRED! With some surgical procedures it is strongly recommended that you have home support 24/7 for a minimum of three to five days post-op.

All your post-op care will take place in our clinic with one of our nurses. Each procedure is specific in terms of timing and the number of visits required.

Your nurse will be an excellent resource to you during your recovery stage. She will provide necessary dressing changes, post-operative instructions, and assistance with any questions or concerns related to your surgery.

Once this early post-operative phase is complete, your long-term follow up appointment with your surgeon will be scheduled. Again, the timing for this visit is procedure specific; our post-op nurse will direct you in this regard.

Dr. Smith sees  surgical patients for long term follow up between three and five months from surgery. Your post operative photographs will be taken at this time.


It is our pleasure being involved in helping you meet your surgical goals. We recommend you provide feedback about your surgical experience, so we can continue to provide the best quality of care.

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