Genioplasty (Chin Augmentation)

Genioplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the chin using an implant. This surgery can be done in combination with nasal surgery in order to achieve balance in proportion, as the size of the chin can magnify or minimize the apparent size of the nose. Chin surgery helps to provide or restore an anatomical balance of your facial profile.
Solid silicone facial implants are available in a variety of different profiles and sizes to increase fullness and projection of the chin. Small incisions are usually made inside the mouth and a “pocket” or space for the implant is created next to the bone. The implants are placed in the pocket and the surrounding soft tissue is sutured closed.

General or Monitored

Approximately 1-2 hours

Individuals who seek improvement to the contour of their face
Those with realistic expectations

Altered sensation (numbness, tingling or hypersensitivity)
Malposition of the implant

Although the sutures used inside the mouth will be dissolving, you are cautioned to avoid strenuous activity and rough contact around the area of the implant for 4-6 weeks post-operatively.

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