Breast Augmentation

(Breast Implants)

Hypomastia, or small breast volume, is common among women seeking augmentation. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and aging can also result in loss of the volume. The use of breast implants to address these concerns is one of the most commonly-performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the world.

Important variables that will be discussed in detail with your surgeon are:
Desired size (photographs can serve as a guide, and are encouraged)
Implant characteristics (saline vs silicone, textured vs smooth, round vs anatomic)
Incision placement (inframammary or peri-areolar)
Beneath or above the pectoralis major muscle

While breast augmentation will enlarge the breasts, the surgery will not alter underlying basic defects in breast shape and form, or chest wall contour. Asymmetries may be improved but will not be completely corrected with breast enlargement alone. A difference in the size, shape or orientation of the two breasts is considered normal.  If breast size and/or nipple position asymmetries are severe, additional procedures to further improve symmetry may be necessary.

Sometimes a breast lift of mastopexy either alone or in combination with augmentation will better address your symptoms and Dr. Robinson or Dr. Smith will discuss with you what your optimal treatment plan will be. VECTRA 3D imaging is typically used to assess breast size and shape, as well as determine appropriate implant for augmentation.


Approximately 1-2 hours

Side Effects
Temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, some pain

Bleeding, infection, seroma, hematoma, contour abnormalities, capsular contracture, implant rupture, rippling, asymmetry, altered sensation, under or over augmentation.

Self care activities: 1 week
Strenuous activities: 6 weeks. No heavy lifting (over 10-15 lbs for 4-6 weeks).

Final appearance
3 months
Duration results



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