Injectables: The holy grail of skin rejuvenation.

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There’s an effective injectable solution for almost any aesthetic concern. Injectable treatments offer long term, non-invasive, skin rejuvenating solutions that can add volume, smooth lines and wrinkles, lift, and restore.

How do injectables work?

During injectable treatments, a very fine needle is used to inject the treatment area. Most injectable treatments don’t require any downtime and only require a 30 minute appointment to see results. Our patients love that their treatments fit easily into a busy schedule.

At Clinic 805, our injectors are skilled artists. We understand the delicate balance of your unique facial symmetry. Decades of experience have led us to techniques that maximize natural, beautiful results. We offer a wide variety of injectable options and would be happy to help you choose one that’s perfect for your aesthetic goals.

For wrinkles, lines, or a furrowed brow: BOTOX® Cosmetic.

BOTOX® smooths the skin for a more youthful appearance. A targeted injection relaxes the muscles causing lines and wrinkles, weakening nerve impulses so they can’t contract. This smooths and relaxes the skin. Botox is ideal for softening deep wrinkles or a furrowed brow, where the repeated contraction of muscles can cause a visible crease. Some of our clients rely on Botox for medical concerns like migraine headaches, excessive sweating, chronic pain, and more.

To treat signs of aging and restore volume: JUVÉDERM® dermal filler.

Are you concerned about visible signs of aging? JUVÉDERM® is a dermal filler which specifically addresses the changes we all experience with age: volume or definition loss, hand rejuvenation, deepened eye hollows, sagging brows or temples, and more. Our clients love this treatment because it triggers collagen production, so results can continue to appear months after you’ve had your treatment. Juvéderm can also plump and shape your lips for the pout you’ve always wanted. Juvéderm uses a gel-like substance containing hyaluronic acid (HA) to renew your appearance.

For tired-looking eyes: Teosyal® Redensity II.

When your eyes look tired, it’s easy for people to misread or make assumptions about you. Redensity II is a hyaluronic acid gel specifically formulated to target under eye circles! Results are long-lasting and infuse the eye area with moisture while restoring a more bright-eyed aesthetic.

For a hydration boost & improved skin quality: JUVÉDERM® Volite.

Juvéderm Volite is a great post-summer treatment used to boost skin hydration and improve skin quality. Volite is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and smoothness whilst evening out skin depressions, all while hydrating the skin. A Volite hydrating treatment can last up to nine months!

Concerned about a double chin?: BELKYRA™.

BELKYRA™ restores definition and shape to the jawline. This injectable treatment addresses submental fullness (that stubborn bit of fat underneath your chin). Belkyra is injected at the target site, where it uses a naturally occurring molecule to destroy fat cells for a smoother silhouette and a more defined chin line. Wave goodbye to that stubborn double chin!

For more youthful-looking hands: Radiesse®.

Even if you don’t tell anyone how old you are, the delicate skin on your hands may give away your secret before your facial appearance does. It’s natural to lose volume and fat on the back of the hands as a result of aging and environmental damage. Our solution? Radiesse® is a dermal filler that is injected into the hands to smooth lines or folds and restore lost volume.

We’re passionate about helping our patients find the right injectable solutions for their concerns. Contact us to book your treatment today.

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